Integrated End-to-End ERP Solution for College Campuses

Facilitates efficient management of all operations of an educational institution, ensuring complete control over all the major functions with customized reporting capabilities. It also supports swift communication across various departments.


It Digitizes the Entire Learning Cycle from Student Admission to Promotion

  • vectorStudent Module manages Registration to Promotion, Fees and Assessment etc
  • vectorStaff administration module automates staff activities like Attendance Marks entry etc
  • vectorManagement of non-academic functions such as Library, Hostel and Accounts

Library Management

The library management module automates the entire process of book references. It manages workflows such as - Acquisition and Cataloguing, Circulation, and fines. Maintains details of all the books in the libraries on the campus with Title, Authors, Subject through the books master. It manages Borrowing with borrower details, along with book search capabilities.